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Sprint 100

LINET's durable, ultra-lightweight stretcher with exceptional ergonomics, clinically accurate scale, and bed exit alarm system.

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We designed Sprint 100 to increase

Patient flow by making transport and patient handling more efficient
Safety by designing our product to be reliable and easy to use
Comfort of the patient by helping with the recovery and pressure injury prevention

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Sprint 100 at a glance

Easy Patient Transport

  • Easy manouverability with IV&Drive
  • Ergonomic braking with EasyBrake
  • Smooth driving with FlexiDrive

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Patient's Safety and Comfort

  • Protection from falls with SoftDrop siderails
  • Increased patient comfort
  • Fall prevention with Bed exit alarm

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Safe Patient Handling

  • High precision scales
  • Easy access to the patient's head
  • Low adjustable height

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Easy Patient Transport

Easy manouverability with IV&Drive.
Unique IV&Drive feature allows IV poles to be used as push handles
Ergonomic braking with EasyBrake
Brakes are easy to use and accessible from all sides
Smooth driving with FlexiDrive
5th castor helps with steering and uneven surfaces
Easy patient transport

Patient's Safety and Comfort

Protection and safety with SoftDrop Siderails
SoftDrop siderails minimize fall risk and lower smoothly to prevent hand entrapment
Increased patient comfort
Mattress with thermic layer for heat absorption
Fall prevention with Bed exit alarm
Bed exit alarm monitors patient movement and bed exit in two modes
Patient's safety and comfort

Improve Patient's Recovery

Cardiac chair position
Stretcher can be easily positioned to improve patient's breathing and cardiovascular functions
Bed tilting
Sprint 100 can be put into Trendelenburg and Anti-⁠Trendelenburg positions
Vascular leg position
Improvement of blood flow can be vital for patients
Improve patient's recovery

Safe Patient Handling

Easy access to the head for caregiver
Patient can be easily accessed from all angles
High precision scales to measure patient on the stretcher
High precision scales to weigh patient on the stretcher
Low adjustable height
Lower height makes standing up easier and safer for the patient
Safe patient handling

Support for Hospital Operations

Long product lifespan with durable parts and design
Sprint 100 was produced to withstand long-term usage
Infection control with high cleanability
Column design and access to undercarriage make the strecher easy to clean
Removable mattress
Mattress can be removed to facilitate cleaning
Support for Hospital Operations'

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